Item Details
Status: active Stock #: PA3
Serial #: M15484 Year: 2004
Make: HDT Global Model: Mobility Systems
Price: 2500.00 Location: Wilmington, OH
Comments: Portable Heater/AC, 120/208 VAC, 3-Phase, 60HZ96000 BTU/H (28.1 kW) Cooling Capacity 46000 BTU/H (13.5kW) Heating Capicity 55 Gallon (208 liter) fuel tank. Fuel Requirements: Diesel, DL1,DL2 JP5,JP8 Operating environment -40F to 125F (-40C to 51.7C) Noise level is less than 75dB At 25' (7.62M), Mounted On A Single Axle Trailer - Engine: John Deere
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